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Giappos Pointers

AboutUs-01I was born into a family full of passionate hunters in 1968 and therefore watching the enthusiasm that surrounded hunting by the age of 12 the sport had charmed me so much that I regularly went on hunting trips with my father and uncles. Although my first experience to hunting was mostly chasing rabbits I was attracted to bird hunting.  Therefore, in 1983 at the age of 15 I bought my first hunting dog which was a empanel Briton and started my journey in learning more about dogs and hunting. In 1986, I received my first hunting permit and started my research for the great hunting dog.  Two years later I had my first contact with the

Pointers, since then a strong bond and a lifetime relationship developed. While studying at Aristotle University I followed the development of the non-cross breed of the pointer in Greece. Quickly I realized the importance of not mixing races. In 1994 a after receiving my degree as a chemical engineer and serving my military obligations I buy my first pointer with a pedigree, it was a very beautiful female and with her I started to participate in shows. In 1995, I won my first C.A.C And B.O.B from the Greek kennel clubs show. The judge was Mr. Alighierio Amati a great pointer man.

In 1996, I started my first breeding efforts and with some of these dogs, I had my first taste of dog trails. In 1998, 2 0f my dogs were under the judgment of two great European giants Mr. .Delatorre and J.M.Pillard and I won the National breeding show for pointers. The Judges gave the female dog Bella the Best of show, which she was also a working dog.  Bell’s brother Bak won the title Best Male pointer for Greek breed. In the same year I registered by Breed name “Tou Giappou”.

AboutUs-08So there on after my passion for the pointer and hunting was imbedded deep inside me and there was no return. For many years, I remained a lover of the cinofilia and followed from a distance but not inside. My professional commitments did not leave me the extra time I needed to dedicate myself to my breed of pointers.

The dream to work professionally with cinofilia always haunted me! Slowly but steadily I planned my transfer from the area of the multi national Pharmaceutical companies to the area of Cinofilia. An important supporter in this decision was my beloved wife Raphaelia who encouraged me to chase my life long goal.

In 2003, I started to systematically present my own dogs at the trails, then in 2006 I presented dogs of my own breed at the trails, and in the same year I won the title of best breed of trail pointers. I achieved the same title for my breed in 2007 and 2008.

During these years dogs from my breed became champions in “caccia starna “ in “ Grande cerca” “beauty” and also “ absolute champions” , in the same period my dogs participated in all different types of trails from “ Grande Cerca “ “caccia starna” “practical hunting” “Mountain trials” and “ Woodcock trails” with great success. So some of my dogs were members of the Geek national team proving there abilities to adapt and perform in all different landscapes and games.

Finally, it remains extremely important to me the focus to give birth to high Typical StandardAboutUs-05

Pointer. This been proven with numerous top results in all dog shows, I also won 3 times the “The Best Of Breed” from the Annual National Pointer Setter Show and being one of the top competitors every time my dogs were presented.

From 1998, we built our own kennels in Assiross of Thessaloniki, a prototype construction in the heart of some of the best terren in Greece, very rich in games. The high standards of accommodation and environmental benefits that we have are very important for the health and wellbeing of the dog.

With the same thought, care and concern we have for the highest quality in our breed we designed of our dog hotel. ‘GIAPPOS KENNELS”

Our motto has always been “clever, classy, chic” in all of our choices. This philosophy will help us to provide better dogs and better services to satisfy our costumers.


With this brief history, we welcome you to our site


With best regards,

Co-owners Axilleas Giappos and Raphaelia Giappou

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